Carpet Stretching and Repairs

Carpet Stretching and Repair Services

Carpet stretching in Lake Norman is an excellent way to get your rooms looking like new again. If you have a few trouble spots and ripples in your carpet due to heavy foot traffic or rearranging furniture, you’ll find that carpet stretching will correct those areas and give you back the smooth look on your floor. At Awards Steaming, we take the time to listen to your goals for your carpet, and then we work diligently to get you the results that you want. We never cut corners and we’re so confident in our work that we guarantee our services.


Carpet Repair Expertise

Our experience is extensive when it comes to carpet repair in Charlotte, and we can guide you towards the best solutions for your particular situation. If you think that you need a brand new carpet due to ripples and bunching, first take the time to see if re-stretching carpet will be a better and more affordable option. Carpet stretching will improve the seamless look of your carpet, and you can also have it cleaned if you want to enhance the look of your space and remove the dander that can build up in the fibers. Our expert carpet stretcher in Charlotte can perform the job on a single room or your entire house.


A Quality Carpet Stretcher

When you enlist our services for carpet stretching, you’ll get to enjoy a quality company that puts your needs first and communicates with you every step of the way. Our mission is always to leave your home looking better than when we arrived and to complete each task with precision. We use the latest equipment and methods to ensure the job is attractive and durable, and our carpet stretching services will cover all of your needs and leave you complete happy with the job well done.


Get in Touch Today!

When you want to enhance your space by getting rid of the ripples and bumps that can happen over time to the floor, then take the time to find the best carpet stretching company. At Awards Steaming, we’re here to make the process convenient for you so that you can enjoy your carpet instead of being distracted and frustrated by the trouble spots. Get in touch today to schedule an appointment or learn more about our services. We look forward to getting your carpet looking the way it did the day it was installed.