About Us

About us

We understand why your carpet was soiled almost immediately after it’s prior cleaning. We at Awards Steaming know and utilize the techniques to keep your carpet clean for longer. That SAVES YOU MONEY because thanks to Awards Steaming you don’t have to clean it as often as you use to. Other good news, our premier carpet cleaning solutions are gentle enough to use around your children and furry friends.

We at Awards Steaming use both our own water and electricity via a gas powered carpet cleaning unit. We’ve invested in our modified system to make our home cleaning services a brilliant experience by eliminating our stops to fill and dump our equipment, electricity breaker trips and oil leaks on your precious driveway from our equipment. We also take pride in using biodegradable, non-caustic chemicals and memorable professionalism in your home or workplace. Lastly, we gladly offer aggressive deals for frequent customer. We appreciate this opportunity to service your cleaning needs.